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a new company with history

Based in Maine, but with a National Presence

Our growing team has experience working on a wide range of successful ventures nationwide. With a project map covering 36 states, we have the connections, resources and expertise to see your project to completion – either solving one component of the whole, or caretaking your entire development process.
  • Full service – we can work remotely or on site
  • Flexible – our team can grow to meet your needs
  • Follow through – we deliver, and meet deadlines
  • Confidential – your information is in safe hands

Our Specialties

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Economic and community development

Business & Government Consulting

Market Research & business attraction

Business Retention & Expansion

Partnership & workforce development

Grant writing and funding solutions

optimization, AUTOMATION & efficiency

ENVIRONMENTAL/sustainable solutions

Real estate development/site location

training and entity creation (eda/ida)


What We Can Do For You

Our team has proficiency working in public, private, non profit and higher educational sectors Рoften developing hybrid partnership solutions  to diversify revenue streams, bring in creative talent and build grassroots momentum and project support. Chances are, if you have a challenge, we have solved it for another entity. You may email us directly with an inquary, or select a sector to explore our services further.

Public sector development

Send our team an email seeking a solution for your public sector/government needs.

private sector development

Send our team an email seeking a solution for your private sector business needs.

nonprofit sector development

Send our team an email seeking a solution for your nonprofit organization’s needs.

higher education development

Send our team an email seeking a solution for all your higher education needs.

From Our Founder

Curiosity, integrity and follow through

These three traits are the cornerstone of successful economic development. First, there must be a passion for the project, a willingness to ask and listen, and the expertise to draw connections. Then there must be trust and confidence – this is your livelihood in our hands, we honor and respect that. Finally, no project successfully meets its deadline without an industry leader who prioritizes your organization, pushes for excellence, keeps the big picture in sight, yet also minds every last detail. Without follow through, there is no success.

These three tenets are our promise to you.

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For our nonprofit Grant Writing partner, see:

A Nonprofit for Local Government & Nonprofits

We like to give back. If you are a local government or nonprofit in need of grant writing assistance, please consider reaching out to our nonprofit,, for assistance. We can help!